The Fully-Expressed Woman

I believe the world needs confident women, unafraid to express their desires, needs, triumphs, fears & deepest selves.

I believe self-expression, by any and all means, is an absolute necessity.

Dancing, Singing, Writing, and all other types of CREATING are always fabulous ideas.

Keeping up appearances is over-rated.

I believe women can TRANSFORM their relationships with their bodies, and that once they do, they will be UNSTOPPABLE!

Our bodies are our power. They house our minds, hearts and voices. They are how we present ourselves to the word.

When we celebrate our bodies, and work to create our best selves, we are telling the world, and ourselves, that we are WORTHY, BEAUTIFUL, MORE THAN ENOUGH & CREATIVE FORCES FOR GOOD in the world and in our own lives.

If you can say this, out loud, with joy and assurance, OR, if you want to be able to say this out loud, with joy and assurance, it’s time to join the Self-Expressed Women’s Movement.

We are a group of women who believe all of the above, and are not afraid to show it in our every day lives. We are not perfect. But we are more than enough.

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