• Barre + Dance! This barre and dance workout combines strength training and cardio in a 1-hour class for transformational results in minimal time! A perfect blend of sultry jazz and calorie-burning, muscle-sculpting movement.

Can I take CABARRET if I’ve never taken a dance class before? 

  • Of course! While knowing some of the ballet barre vocabulary could be helpful, it is not a requirement! Our teachers go through the workout with you, coaching all the way. You will move and feel like a dancer, even if you’ve never taken a dance class before!

Check out our Vocabulary Video to help with the terminology-

What muscles do I work in a CABARRET class?

  • We aim for every woman’s favorite targets: abs, butt, thighs, and arms. Get the body of a dancer using her secret weapon- the barre.
  • We promise you will feel the work in every class and see results in just 4 classes through the unique CABARRET formula of strength training barre work AND cardio dance workouts transform your body!
  • Check out this video for more on the benefits of CABARRET-

What makes CABARRET different from the other barre classes I could take?  

  • There is a reason ballerinas have been doing the same exercises for hundreds of years- they work!!! Barre targets the common problem areas for women- thighs, booty and upper arms! CABARRET progresses through the barre exercises like a traditional ballet class (plies, tendus, etc.), with blasts of abdominal and arm work.
  • Plus, we know what the point of doing barre exercises is- to get you ready to dance! While we strengthen and tone, we prepare our muscles to really move! Our fun, sexy dances burn serious calories! CABARRET is a combination of strength training AND cardio- for transformational results in minimal time!

What do I wear to class? 

  • Anything that makes you feel like moving! Anything that makes you feel sexy! Some students wear dance clothes, complete with tights and ballet slippers. Some wear workout clothes. Or, feel free to break out the fishnets and boas! Barre socks or ballet slippers are the recommended footwear.  No heels required!


Our bodies (and what they house- our voices, minds, souls) are the only thing we possess that are truly OURS. We have a responsibility to honor that uniqueness.


What results can I expect to get in my body?

  • Real Results-  Strength, Cardio, & Flexibility.
    • The CABARRET formula of strength training barre work AND cardio dance transforms your body with toning AND fat burning movements!
    • Pilates and ballet principles increase core strength and improve posture.
    • A disciplined strength training program combined with sexy cardio dance makes the workout FUN!
    • Ballet and yoga-based stretches increase flexibility in all major muscle groups.
  • Burn fat with our hot dance moves.
    • Each sassy dance workout will have you feeling fabulous and sexy while you sweat!
    • Each dance workout focuses on different fitness concept (coordination, balance, endurance, etc.) or body parts (abs, glutes, thighs, etc.) for optimal work!
  • Sculpt the long, lean muscles of dancers through safe, resistance strength training moves combining elements of Pilates and ballet.
    • Barre work targets:
      • Thighs and Glutes
      • Triceps and Biceps
      • Upper Back
      • Core- Both your “Beach Bikini” muscles and deep postural muscles
    • Barre builds muscles in both contraction and extension- increase flexibility as well as strength!

What the heck is a “creatrix”?

  • “Creatrix” is the feminine form of “creator”. For a company and class that focuses on empowering women, it seemed like a good fit!

My gym/studio doesn’t offer CABARRET. How can I change that?

  • First, tell your group fitness coordinator that you want it! Give her/him this website. Nicole travels regularly doing demo and master classes. Teacher trainings are also available.

How do I become a CABARRET instructor? 

  • See the CABARRET Teacher Training page for more info! It is available online or in person!
  • The CABARRET Teacher Training course is valid for 7 CECs from the American Council on Exercise and 6 from AFAA.
  • If you have more questions about the Teacher Training, see those FAQs here!


ACE approved