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A while ago, I wrote a post in my “Dancer with Cancer” series about how weird bodies can be. And in my MFA work, we’ve been exploring thealogy as an embodied experience, versus theology as a philosophical pursuit. Plus, I teach dance and Pilates. My life is all about bodies, mine and those around me.

It is so easy to take our bodies for granted. We live in them every day. Because they are always present with us, we have a tendency to stop paying attention to them. Usually the only things we notice about our bodies are the negatives- what hurts, the extra pounds, the blemishes.

But focusing on these things are like focusing on a plane crash (you don’t hear about the thousands of flights that land safely). They are simply one facet of the amazing systems, functions and self that is the body.

In CABARRET, we have a few mantras/meditations that we use when we are ending class:

The body is the only thing that we have that we truly own. That and everything it houses- our mind, soul and voices. They cannot be separated. In our bodies lies our power.

Take a moment to be grateful for your body- for all that it just did, and for all that it is capable of. Your body, no matter what negative thoughts you may have about it, does so much for you. Thank it. Your body, you, has so much potential. Cultivate it.

I believe women can TRANSFORM their relationships with their bodies, and that once they do, they will be UNSTOPPABLE! Too much in society tells us that we are not “right”. We can believe them, or we can embrace our own truths.

When we celebrate our bodies, and work to create our best selves, we are telling the world, and ourselves, that we are WORTHY, BEAUTIFUL, MORE THAN ENOUGH & CREATIVE FORCES FOR GOOD in the world and in our own lives.

If any of these apply to you, speak to you, use them. Our bodies, everyone’s, are a mess. We all have things we wish could be different, or be like someone else, or whatever. But, they are also a beautiful mess. Because they are part of who we really are. A mess of powerful potential of who we want to become. Live in the beauty and power of your body today.