As part of my SweatPink Ambassadorship, we are occasionally given products to review. I received a package of Hemp Hearts from Manitoba Harvest.

Why eat hemp?

Hemp is rich in amino acids, as well as having a good balance of Omega-3s and -6s. This balance is considered a critical part of a cancer fighting diet. In addition, hemp seeds are high protein, and a very digestible protein at that.

How to eat hemp.

These are seeds, so they taste a little nutty and earthy. I love to just shake some on cereal or oatmeal. You can also easily add it to a protein shake. Manitoba Harvest offers a bunch of recipes. I find it easiest to just add it in to what I’m already eating.


I’m a fan of hemp seeds, so I was psyched to get a packet! These tasted great. I love the resealable package. The only thing I would change is the nutritional information. The serving size is for the entire packet. Which I find will rarely be used by one person, in one sitting. I think making the serving size for 1 TBSP or similar is much more reasonable and useful.

Do you want some?

And the best part of this experiment- YOU could try Hemp Hearts! Manitoba Harvest has given me a package to give away to YOU! Simply comment here, and use the Rafflecopter below for extra chances to win!

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